Beanstalk Bangkok

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Beanstalk Bangkok offers many districts of attractions, food, cultures, traditions, lives, and more to explore in the heart of Bangkok.



Charoenkrung Road

Charoen Krung Road is a major road in Bangkok and the first in Thailand to be build using the modern construction methods. The area fully-fills with the melting pot of cultures with Chinese merchants settling down and building shophouses on the bank of the beautiful Chao Phraya River.

Talat noi

Talad Noi' or 'Talak Kia', an old commercial district along the Chao Phraya River that is bustling down from Chinatown, an important district filled with stories of Chinese settlers since the Rattanakosin period. Nowadays, even as time passes, it still leaves its mark on culture, living, and believing through places of worship including shrines and Chinese house architecture.


Easily identifiable by many written signs in Chinese on the sides of the buildings,'Yaowarat' is a major street in the heart of Bangkok that is known for its delicious food from start to finish. Filled with hundreds of stalls where foodies flock for a delicious meal at night, it has been dubbed the 'Dragon Road that Never Sleeps'.


It will fill up with excitement and joy to take everyone out to hopping at Thailand's top business district, Silom, which not only is lined up with high-rise office buildings, but also has some great cafes, restaurants, green space, markets, and bars waiting to welcome everyone.

Chaopraya River

The boat route through Chao Phraya River, Bangkok's major rivers is filled with stories and historical landmarks. It is also full of community culture that comes to add color. This creates a district of delicious food, chic shopping, and riverside entertainment to stop by along both sides of the Chao Phraya.