Who we are

We are a hotel management brand based in Bangkok. We have an ambition to grow together with our partners joining the Beanstalk brand in order to create valuable customer experience in Thailand and achieve success that cannot be accomplished alone.


We manage hotels on behalf of property owners. From daily operations to intensive pricing and sales, we have a strong background of turning properties into a profitable hotel. You may seek some of our existing projects from the link below.

Beanstalk Surawong

Beanstalk Sukhumvit Soi 3

KARIN Hotel & Serviced Apartment


Customer Experience

Our brand commits to be a hub for international guests who are looking for "real" local experience in Thailand. We support our partners to design service and train employees in order to cater an experience that exceeds our guest's expectation. By joining the "Beanstalk" brand, you will be recognized instantly by the guests that it is the right place to stay.


We are open to making investments. For property owners who are considering renovating or renewing their facilities, we are willing to provide financial support. We also have a strong partnership with architects, design, photographers etc. to provide professional support for those who need it.